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Old Keys and New Beginnings

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Keys are designed to unlock doors.  They can also be symbols that represent opportunity, a source for change, or the presentation of a solution.  Caitlin Crosby, founder and owner of The Giving Key has created a true “pay it forward” company.  Her company embraces a humanitarian perspective while creating jobs and generating a call to action.  Her mission empowers and establishes a mindfulness that: “anyone can help someone else”.


The Giving Key is a company that uses old keys to create new beginnings. Each key has a special engraving on it with words like “courage”, “breakthrough”, or “passion”, and encourage each wearer to live according to the true meaning of each message. The hope is that one day the wearer passes the necklace on to someone else they feel is in need of encouragement, support, or simply a word imbued with a promise. The message and the key is then passed on from person to person, forming life-to-life bonds, while creating positive change in the world.


Read the full story about The Giving Keys in our Holiday 2012 Issue:  The Giving Keys are available at Graffiti Beach: 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca 92104 Written by Pearl Thienkosol

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