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Scatterbrain: Have Your Art and Wear It Too!

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Brand names and company logos strewn across t-shirts are becoming less popular while more artistic, unique shirts are becoming a rapidly growing trend. The notion that major fashion brands could be replaced with designers using pictures, patterns and designs on the front of t-shirts excites artist Michael Phipps, a strong advocate for wearable art, which favors individuality over conformity of fashion. After graduating with a degree in illustration, Phipps decided to explore other types of art, and different ways of displaying his art to fill in the gaps between jobs and put together his passion for illustration, graphic design, and belief in unique fashion. Fast forward four years and Phipps is designing selling both male and female t-shirts, ties, and even some messenger bags all covered in his funky designs. Today he offers dozens of screen-printed by hand one-of-a-kind ties on his very own website, Scatterbrain Ties, as well as on websites including Etsy and ThinkGeek. More recently Scatterbrain ties are being sold at Graffiti Beach, where the Albert Einstein styled tie sold out almost immediately upon arrival. Check out his work below! Check out Scatterbrain ties now available in our online store HERE! A wider selection is also available in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca 92104 and his new Abe Lincoln, Dapper Fox and Einstein tees will be available soon! Written By: Cassie Korbin Compiled by: Robert Nguyen 

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  • Apr 28, 2014

    Those ties and that shirt is awesome. Abe is the man :).

    — jumpingpolarbear

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