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BEACHmeetsSTREET: Model Ellesse Tzinberg

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Introducing Model: Ellesse Tzinberg This week, Graffiti Beach had the wonderful opportunity to photograph and interview the lovely, Ellesse Tzinberg. From modeling to athletics, this girl has got it all! Take a look at the insider scoop that Graffiti Beach was able to learn from this talented woman!

GB: How would you describe your style?
ET: It's definitely more of a mix between bohemian, modern and hint of retro. I like to also pull from my culture roots and incorporate flowers or feathers.
GB: Do you have a piece you can't live without?
ET: Hmmm, I can't live without a call to my culture accessory. I'm always either wearing a flower in my hair, a feather in my hair, or some type of feather or tooth jewelry.
GB: What's your inspiration for fashion?
ET: I love individuality and uniqueness! I get inspired but so many things that at the end of the day, it all comes together and makes me feel beautiful and trendy. Some of fashion icons I look to are Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, Gisele Bundchen and probably Kate Bosworth.
GB: Where are your favorite places to shop?
ET: Well the girls at Graffiti Beach certainly know how much damage I can do in the store! But I think it's because I love to shop at places that feature local and up and coming designers. Stores like Forever 21 and H&M are awesome for basics and fun seasonal stuff but places like etsy and Graffiti Beach really feature talented collections that don't have store fronts yet but have beautiful limited amount pieces!
GB: Describe your every day look.
ET: My everyday look is: 1) Comfortable! I'm often running around to castings and then going to the studio to teach, and juggling my model, trainer, cupcake chef, olympic equestrian athlete life so I like clothes that I can move in and change in and out of! 2) Has an accent piece! Whether it's sick shoes, a flower in my hair, a feather necklace or a head piece, I love always picking one star piece of the outfit to shine for the day :-) 3) Expresses me! My daily wear almost always expresses me as a person and also how I'm feeling that day! I think it's so cool how clothing can actually act as your canvas and glimpse into your personality. Whether you try to or not, you most likely picked that skirt or top because it hit home, reminded you of a time, or makes you smile :) ;

Written by: Colleen Ordonio

Photos by: Colleen Ordonio

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