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Yarns and Noble by Geofrey Redd

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Featuring Artist: Yarns and Noble by Geofrey Redd

Who knew yarn and nails could create such incredible artwork? Hammering down thousands of nails and intricately weaving yarn around them is what Geofrey Redd, creator of Yarns and Noble, does. Raised in Georgia, Geofrey found pleasure in building tree houses. By immersing himself in a family of skilled carpenters, Geofrey was able to uniquely combine art with aspects of carpentry. After finishing his time in the Navy, Geofrey transitioned into the art he creates today.

It is no surprise that Geofrey inspires from the timeless medium of cartoons. From dogs to humans, Geofrey expresses his interest in animation to create the quirky species in his works. Additionally, Geofrey heavily inspires from tattoo artists as well as his friends. By having figures to follow and friends to constantly induce ideas, Geofrey is able to produce his art and ultimately find his inner peace.

Besides leisurely painting and writing poetry, Geofrey is currently working on few series as well as a time-lapse video based on a past piece. Check out the video and more of Geofrey’s work at Graffiti Beach on July 13, 2012!

Visit him at his website at! Written by: Robert Nguyen

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Come check out our artist showcase of Yarns and Noble! Join us to witness this great artist, Geofrey Redd, who creates all of his pieces out of yarn.

Date: Friday, July 13th Time: 6pm to 9pm Place: Graffiti Beach - 2220 Fern St., San Diego

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