Catwalk to Crosswalk: Model Jennifer Akerman

Posted: Jul 02 2012

Maybe supermodel powerhouse Kate Moss made wearing vintage cool, or maybe vintage was just the right fit when the trend turned the disheveled, “rolled out of bed look” into super sexy.  However vintage fashion revolutionized, we can be certain, models were clad in “estate sale finds” from the beginning.  Keeping the trend, model Jennifer Akerman, tells us about her interpretation of vintage style. Akerman, sister of well-known actress Malin Akerman, has been under Hollywood's watchful eye since a very young age. In 2010, she was rumored to be dating Chace Crawford. Akerman writes a blog educating her native Swedish audience about life and style in Los Angeles.



Graffiti Beach: How would you describe your style to someone who has never met you?

Jennifer Akerman: Very personal.  We will be shopping and my friends will see things and say that's "very you.""  I don't have a favorite brand or designer.  I love to mix and match. I love vintage - jewelry and bags.  I like to mix and match vintage pieces with H&M.  I'm from Sweden so I've been shopping at H&M since I was about 6!  I’d rather not buy expensive jewelry or glasses.  I’d rather buy ten vintage pieces of jewelry over something with diamonds.

GB: Do you have a piece you can't live without?

JA: A leather jacket.  I like to wear a pretty dress with a leather.  I like to mix feminine with edgy.  My favorite leather jacket got stolen.  I finally found another one I love from Wasteland even though it's not vintage. It's one of the new pieces they sell at Wasteland ($350).  It has a belt and very cool details.  I love details on things.  Your own personal details make a huge difference.


Complete this sentence.  My relationship with fashion is?

JA: My relationship with fashion is ... how I feel, or my mood.  People will see me and say, "I didn't know you were a rocker chick."  Fashion is who you want to be for that day. Maybe today I'm in a dressy mood, so I'll wear a pretty dress.

GB: What did you wear today?

JA: Today I had a meeting with an editor for a final edit for a music video, then I had a casting.  I needed to wear something that worked all day.  I have on black vintage boots with fringe detail, a tight purple shirt and white tank top, and a vest from Urban Outfitters with simple vintage jewelry.  I love the vest from Urban Outfitters. It adds a cool element to every outfit. Written by: Lauren Franks For the full article on Jennifer Akerman and other models, check out the Graffiti Beach E-Zine!

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