Catwalk to Crosswalk - Model Rachel Barnes

Posted: Jun 25 2012

Introducing Model: Rachel Barnes Rachel Barnes, with Ford modeling agency, has appeared in many lifestyle and fitness advertisements, including ads for Nike, Under Armour, Ross and L*Space swimwear. Today you can find her playing the girlfriend of Justin Bieber in his latest video ‘Boyfriend'. Labeled as a Selena Gomez lookalike, the chemistry between Barnes and Bieber in the video was enough to upset the Beliebers, but Barnes told TMZ female fans need not worry - she's married.

We took a step further and interviewed Rachel to pick her brain a bit about her perspective on fashion!

GRAFFITI BEACH: How would you describe your style?
Rachel Barnes: I grew up in Manhattan Beach and I live in La Jolla now, so definitely beachy. Beachy, a little bohemian, with a classic twist. I’ll wear blazers with Navajo jewelry. Classic with a hippie mix.
GB: Are there any specific people who inspire your style?
RB: I love people watching and “street style”. I’m inspired by other models and creative people. I love reading blogs and enjoying the day to day style of people - Kate Moss, every girl’s style icon and the Olsen twins are just a few that I enjoy.
GB: Where are your favorite places to shop?
RB: I’m a vintage seeker shopping at flea markets. I also shop at Wasteland, Zara, and Free People
GB: How would you define style?
RB: When I think of style, it’s a natural ease when putting together outfits. Organically gifted when putting together stuff. People don’t want something that looks forced or over done.
GB: What is your favorite outfit for spring?
RB: For spring, I’m obsessed with pastels. Right now I’m wearing floral jean shorts and an oversized pastel sweater.
GB: What do you gravitate towards when you’re shopping?
RB: I think I’m a jewelry girl. I find myself buying the same things in different variations. I love accessories. Like a simple black tank dress with a big chunky necklace. Big cuffs, big rings. I also buy gray sweatshirts over and over again. I have 20 different kinds of gray sweatshirts. I feel like gray sweatshirts go with everything.

We love Rachel's style! For the full article on Rachel Barnes and other models, check out the Graffiti Beach E-Zine! Written by: Lauren Franks

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