Posted: Jun 16 2012

Beautiful Bedlam Jeff + Rebecca = BUGHOUSE In 19th Century Britain, insanity and craziness would pave the way to an institution for the mentally incapacitated, commonly known as a Bughouse.  Here in 21st century Los Angeles, husband and wife team Jeff Klarin and Rebecca Johnson offer a humorous and subversive look at our culture, our city, and our lives through the company they call Bughouse. This word “bughouse” encapsulates a little of the “crazy” involved in being an artist, and the craziness one experiences when attempting to define their art.  It is self-described “subversive art” that revels in black humor, taking the ordinary, mundane, and almost banal artifacts of our daily lives and flipping them on their heads. The couple began their artistic journey thru making limited edition prints and experimenting with t-shirt designs.  The designs were selling rapidly.  “In order to be able to experiment more quickly with new artwork we started to use transfer techniques… which led us to make larger mixed media pieces… and at this point straddle the two worlds of fine art and design.” It is often their “DIY” nature that prompts them to try new directions, mediums, and work.  “It is idea based, not just something pretty or striking, although it can be that as well.  It has a story, a message, or concept,” says Jeff.  The style and medium are interpreted by what is needed to tell the story of the piece.  Each piece “decides” upon its own needed medium.  And it’s this process of matching the two design components that Rebecca loves, aside from the creation itself.

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 Shop online CLICK HERE .To read a full article about BUGHOUSE, turn to page 66 in our Ezine - VIEW HERE Article written by: Alana Trevino Itaya Photos by: Brianna Baggett Blog by: Colleen Ordonio

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