Adam Builds - Lego King

Posted: Apr 22 2012

Most of us spent a fair amount of time as kids gathered around a pile of Legos building radical cars, unicorns, ninjas and all of the other essentials in a childhood arsenal. As adults, most of us find ourselves fiddling with objects on our desk trying to think of dramatic and clever messages to leave on our friends' refrigerators with the letter magnets and generally bolster the level of sillydom around us with cartoon mustaches, horns, and inappropriate thought clouds.  This sense of whimsy, combined with well thought out design, is what makes the products of Adam Builds a must have for any child at heart. Check out some of Adam's most creative designs! Image Image Image Image Image A featured article about Adam, written by Heather Gildroy will be in our May Ezine! Stay Tuned!!! For now, find out more about Adam HERE

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